My Bunk1 DB, Calendar & Web Reminders

My Bunk1 DB, Calendar & Web Reminders

My Bunk1 DB is your own personalized dashboard, complete with real-time reports, graphs and charts. Choose from a variety of different widgets to customize your dashboard and get all your key information on one screen in a single glance. New registrations, important follow up calls, even comparisons to last year – all can be in one place when you first sign-in to your account.

Bunk1 DB Online Calendar & Web Reminders gives you the ability to track appointments and get reminders all in one centralized location. Set alarms to schedule calls to registered campers, staff and leads.

Unlimited Customer & Technical Support

Check your database from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection – a huge timesaver when you are out on the road recruiting campers or staff.

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